A clean, prosperous and equitable future relies on quickly ending our reliance on dirty fossil fuel based energy systems and embracing the clean alternatives that exist today.

Corporations, communities and consumers can take effective actions to eliminate the most significant global sources of greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the emergence of clean energy systems.

Find out how consumers can help transition the world to a clean future.


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Brian Stewart - Principal, Cyan LLC

Brian has over 30 years of experience in product design, manufacturing, innovation and sustainability. He began his career as an Industrial Designer and Studio Director at IDEO, then was recruited to lead the Footwear Product Innovation program at NIKE Inc. In his 25 years at NIKE he held many senior leadership roles within the Footwear and Apparel groups leading to his position of VP of Sustainable Innovation. In that role he directed projects and created tools to help the innovation teams deliver on corporate sustainability goals. As Principal of Cyan LLC, he works with corporations, universities and non-profits to shape strategies and programs centered on sustainability and innovation. He has co-founded ReplaceNow.org to help consumers take actions to help transition the world to a clean energy future.


Clients and Partners

Nike Inc.

University of Oregon

Bennington College


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